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Tumaini Fundraising Campaign Drive

A Community Sensitization programme

Tumaini Center is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that seeks to address the unique challenge of vulnerable children and youth going to the streets of Eldoret to lack of basic needs at home. 

Street youth are a vulnerable and marginalized population who are living with little guidance and few role models, missing their opportunity for education, living with violence and disease, and without access to health care or other rehabilitative services. Eldoret is home to an estimated 3000 street youth, a fluid, heterogeneous population defined as “those whose basic rights to food, shelter, education and health are continuously violated”. They are a highly visible part of  Eldoret,s urban landscape, and over the past decade the population is thought to have more than doubled, due to the increasing death toll of AIDS on mothers and fathers, the catastrophic consequences of post-election violence, and the ever-increasing urbanization of poverty. 

Tumaini Center therefore seeks to equip previously stigmatized street youth with innovative skills through rehabilitation, basic education and vocational training. This transformational journey enables us to eventually integrate them into the community and to create opportunities for them to lead a quality life away from the street. Our approach encompasses a range of activities that are built and sustained on community partnerships geared towards collective investment in addressing the Eldoret street youth challenge.

Tumaini has over the years collaborated with the local and wider community to conduct street youth outreach and engagement and provide them with a stable home environment for rehabilitation, health promotion, education, and a platform for positive social and economic interaction with the community.

Established In 2009 as a Drop-In Center, Tumaini set provide a safe environment where vulnerable youth could access food, education, hygiene services, and play areas away from the streets during weekdays. Over 600 street youths accessed these services at the center. Through rigorous monitoring and evaluation activities, it became clear that a permanent space was necessary to deliver more intensive and long-term interventions to successfully support youth off the streets. This led to the development of the Tumaini Innovation Center and a new education delivery model that breaks down unique barriers faced by street youth, leverage their resourcefulness, resilience and independence, and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to have successful, productive careers away from the streets. 

Tumaini currently houses 30 boys in the innovation center. These boys go through a daily school program that brings together basic education and vocational training that is innovation centered. 

This campaign is therefore aimed at building networks that will participate in mobilizing resources (Material, Monetary and Man) for the expansion and future sustenance of the center. Tumaini looks forward to enrolling more street youth (both boys and girls) in to this transformational and rehabilitative innovative program. To archive this there is need to expand our facilities. 

 As part of the campaign we plan host community engagement event to showcase our program model. The forum will be an incentive for local businesses to participate in the campaign, as it will provide them with an opportunity to reach their direct market and provide opportunities both for advertising and public relations as a demonstration of their corporate social responsibility.

To execute our campaign idea, we will reach out to three groups: the Broader Eldoret Community from whom we aim to fundraise; the community we want to sensitize on the plight of street youth; and strategic community partners with whom we aim to establish lasting relationships for vocational training and career development.                               

We will employ numerous tactics to achieve a successful campaign that will include extensive promotion through media advertisements in local radio stations, door-to-door visits to local businesses, universities, local government and non-governmental organizations, handing out fliers to individual community members, having large banners in high volume sections in Eldoret town and an aggressive social media campaign. We will also use this promotion to advertise our ‘Paybill’ account number – 891300 and account name jengavijana, a mobile phone platform familiar to all Kenyans that would facilitate the making of financial contributions conveniently from one’s mobile phone to our program. We also believe centering the campaign on a sports tournament will tap into the Eldoret community’s love for sports, encouraging participation by large sections of the community.

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The Tumaini Innovation Center (TIC) seeks to engage vulnerable youth in a revolutionary new educational model that break downs educational barriers faced by street youth and other vulnerable youth in a changing society, 

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